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Created On:
May 13th, 1999

Last update was on:
June 15th, 1999

Well, I said I'd be updating this a lot more once I got my cable modem.  You know what?  I lied out my ass!  Sorry, but I've got waaaaay to much crap going on in my life right now.  Sorry *shrug*.  I hope to get into otakon this year, down in baltimore.   If anyone wants to meet me, it's being held in the Baltimore Convention Center, July 1st-4th.  Go to the webpage here.

 Old News

The Story Thus Far:
Set backs, set backs and more set backs.  Actually, Im just a lazy bastard!  This page gets updated WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.  I've been getting a lot of complaints about not having enough graphics.  I'll try and fix that.

Site Overview:
What are you going to find here?  Whatever the hell I feel like putting up, thats what :)
Im a huge anime freak, I like a lot of different kinds of music (everything from classical to heay metal, excluding Gospel, Folk, and Country).  I've amassed a gigantic collection of internet junk, from animations to midis.  I just dont think little animations of Fallout characters and Pokemon fit the overall mood of the site.  Unless I fall down some stairs and suffer a giant head injury, dont expect to find any of that fruity crap on my page.

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